Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019

What Christian Leaders Are Saying...

Dick Towner

Vice President, Good Sense Ministry, Willow Creek Association

There is a tremendous need for churches today to educate and assist people with managing their resources in God-honoring ways…a stewardship ministry can be used by God to remove a major stumbling block to spiritual growth and development… If we have a biblical mandate to tend the flock, then we must step up to the challenge to teach and to train on biblical financial stewardship.

Dr. Mike Livingston

District Superintendent
Western District Missionary Church

We want to provide our churches the training resources that will help them implement a successful stewardship ministry. It is our belief that as our churches include a comprehensive stewardship ministry in their discipleship process, their vision will be resourced and fulfilled, resulting in the expansion of God’s kingdom.

The late Larry Burkett

Co-Founder of Crown

Financial Ministries

Giving as a percentage of income (in the U.S.) has declined steadily for the last three decades and is lower now than at any time since the Great Depression…In order for Christians to better serve the Lord, they must become free from financial bondage. The road to freedom begins when God’s people apply His principles of handling money to their personal finances. The church needs to help them learn and apply these principles.

Dr. Stan DeKoven

Vision International

Stewardship is one of the most important parts of any ministry. ‘Time’, ‘Talent’, and ‘Treasure’ are something that every ministry needs. In my many years of ministry experience, in training and educating leaders around the world, the thing that I see in terms of the greatest lack is the proper resources to be able to fulfill the mission for which men and women have been called.

Dr. Bob Ricker

Former President,
Baptist General Conference 

We do a great injustice to the people we serve when we do not allow stewardship to have a central position in our teaching and program."

The lack of biblical stewardship has reached a crisis level in America. At the root of this crisis is a lack of discipleship, which calls us to revisit the meaning of biblical stewardship. If we are to accomplish our God-given vision to be a ‘movement of Great Commission Christians who are glorifying God by building Christ’s Church worldwide’, we must relearn the scriptural principles that guide earning, spending, saving and giving.

Howard Dayton

CEO & Founder of COMPASS
Finances God's Way

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