Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019

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What Makes Career Direct So Different?


Our daughter Hope, is entering her senior year at Lutheran High School of Orange County. Suddenly it has become real to all of us that the future is here already! It is time to identify the colleges that would be the best fit for the possible career path she is working towards. Overwhelmed with the possibilities, Career Direct’s program has been so helpful in providing filters to identify Hope’s gifts and interests. The Educational Decision Making tool is exactly what it says and has already helped us define some parameters to work with. Thank you for your insight and guidance! 

— Dr. Dana and Dr. Stacey - Parents

Career Direct has helped me to connect the dots of where I am now, to where I want to be, to what I want to do. Before this, I had some ideas of what I might want to do, but ultimately I wasn't sure. After a consultation with Jim Sullivan, I have realized that some of the ideas I had were actually not the best fit for me. This program has helped me figure out where my God-given gifts will be best spent, and given me a better idea of what I should be aiming for. It is now exciting to think about going through the career planning research process in the “Next Steps” part of this program. My goal is to pursue a vocation, hobbies... that add energy and excitement to my life.  

— Camden student 18


I'm a 23-year-old PhD student. I decided to get a Career Direct assessment with consultation because, even after 7 years at university, I still didn't have any real idea what to do after graduating.

I learned to distinguish between hobbyist interests and realistic vocations, to find out what is relevant and irrelevant in terms of career options, and to create a path that makes sense to me that is also realistically achievable. I feel like I already had the pieces of the puzzle, but had no idea how to put it together until now. 

 — Victor - Student

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 Jim Sullivan is the CEO/Co-Founder of Vision Resourcing Group 
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