Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019

Career Essentials Workshop Coaches

STRIVE (Student Targeted Resources for Insight, Value, and Enrichment)

Our STRIVE Team and Workshops provide valuable career and life readiness guidance to help students identify and obtain a career that matches their God-given path.

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan is CEO of Vision Resourcing Group and Crown Area Consultant for Orange, Los Angeles West & East, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial Counties and Hawaii. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of VRG and executing our strategic plans. This includes staffing, recruiting Area Consultants and volunteers, marketing, training, scheduling of VRG seminars and workshops, and creation of marketing and promotional materials.

Ron Feher

Ron has over 35 years of business experience and over 18 years of career coaching experience. In 2013 he started WhiteRock Business Solutions to help make businesses better by making their people better. Ron holds an MBA in Technology Management, certifications in project and international management. He is a certified Behavior, Motivation, and Acumen Analyst with TTI Success Insights™, and a certified analyst/Career Direct® consultant with Crown Ministries and their Career Direct assessments. 

Jay Tomes

Jay Tomes has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and extensive consulting experience  working with: employee performance, morale, team-building, and conflict resolution. Jay excels in the delivery of training workshops to diverse groups. His success is rooted in skills-based, interactive methodologies, and creating a comfortable learning environment.  Jay has a keen understanding of interpersonal and organizational dynamics.

Steve Rybicki

Steve Rybicki is a Budget Coach Trainer, Budget Coach, Economic Crossroads Workshop Instructor, and Resource Consultant for Vision Resourcing Group.

As a retired corporate executive with extensive experience in managing multi-million dollar budgets, Steve has a passion for helping individuals and families free themselves from the bondage of excessive debt.

Carrie Hayashida

Carrie Hayashida graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and Education. Ms. Hayashida earned her MS and MBA degrees while working as Project Manager and assisting with: fundraising, business operations systems, event planning, public relations, and educational curriculum. 
Carrie started her own non-profit and spent over 15 years writing grants and developing community outreach programs and established a study abroad program for Hope International University.
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