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Christians at College

Written by a Student on  Joe's "Christians at College" - YouTube Channel (video)

This is great insight for ALL parents and mentors to keep in mind, from a young students perspective!

"First semester was the darkest time in my life. Everyone was trying to transform me. They questioned me in every way. What I saw and witnessed were not how I imagined the world. They called me innocent, naive, and child simply because I am not interested in what this world calls "normal." I wasn't able to comprehend their sexual jokes , innuendos, and things so inappropriate, funny. I got into depression and I kept asking God why I felt so empty. I felt suffocated. Everyone act like they accepted and respected my faith, but it was just a disguise. The most grounded crowd that I unraveled at school to hang with were the ones that affected me the most. They weren't people of faith, but they were much more kinder than the others. But they were no different than the other kids. I felt alone. Lost. Hurt. No one saw my pain including my issues outside of this college chaos. I went to church every Sunday, went to Bible study, and sang in the church choir. I showered myself as best as I could with God's word, but I wasn't strong enough then to fight that battle. I moved by home and went to a CC for second semester. It was no longer the same because I was already exposed to this truth. I was better than before, but my loneliness never left. I kept asking for someone here physically to understand everything about me. By that meaning , a boyfriend. I never realized God was standing right there and I was asking for someone else. Since I was 15, God had shown me so many miracles that I can't explain. Still, my human mind was weak. During these few years before I transfer , I know that God is preparing me for the battlefield. It will be a long ride since I am only 19, so I have like how many years left? Overall, I want to say trials are what make you come closer to God. You won't lose him unless you walk away from Him. Even if you do go astray, He is still waiting for you where you left Him. God Bless all who have read my comment! Since its very long ahhhaa. Thanks Joe for your truthful words! Because young people truly need to hear it ^^"

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Doug McClure
Posted on  13/04/2018 13:07 If you have kids about ready to enter college well worth the time to read a students perspective and watch Joe's video aimed directly at Christian students in a way they will 'Get It'!

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