Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 12/08/2018 • BudgetCoach Training 12/12/2018
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 12/08/2018 • BudgetCoach Training 12/12/2018

Crown MoneyLife Personal Finance Study

Let God’s Truth transform your journey toward financial freedom.

Seek wisdom about the root causes of your financial issues. Rather than attacking the symptoms alone, 
the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study applies biblical teaching to the heart of the problem, providing real healing and hope.

With the MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study, you receive:

  1. Access to the MoneyLife® Indicator, a financial health assessment designed by experts to provide feedback tailored to your own specific growth needs. Learn more. 

  2. 10 dynamic lesson plans with accompanying videos to guide you through God’s  teaching on money. They’re self-paced. Take all the time you need. View a sample  lesson and video here. 

  3. Practical tools from MoneyLife® designed to help you track income & expenses, create a budget, and stick with your monthly spending plan. Learn more. 

Not sure which plan is perfect for you? Compare our courses side by side.

NEW! MoneyLife® Personal Finance Study is now available online.

Want to learn more about facilitating a Crown small group study?

Check out the online Facilitator Training by Chuck Bentley at no additional charge.

Key Points

  • MoneySteps Personal Finance Study will help you...
  • Find hope and deepen your faith
  • Grow in your generosity
  • Ditch debt permanently
  • Create a solid, reasonable financial plan
  • Make confident financial decisions
  • Save and invest for your future
  • Teach your children healthy financial wisdom
  • And more!

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