Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019

Career Direct Assessment

Career Direct® is a comprehensive career assessment system that combines biblical principles with cutting-edge career guidance, technology and statistics. The underlying principle behind this report is to align your vocation with your NATURAL personalities, interests, skills/abilities and values.

The Personal Assessment Report has been developed to compile, identify and match your responses to specific occupations. Each occupation is linked to thousands of job listings on O*NET Online.

My Client is someone:

  • In High School or College student desiring to explore career options that are the best fit.
  • Seeking employment who wants to be well-equipped during an interview.
  • Currently employed individuals who are in transition from one job to another.
  • Currently employed individuals who are looking to document a case for promotion or additional responsibilities.
  • Who is interested in personal growth and understanding more about their God-given design for making the best possible educational and occupational choices.

In Summary:

  • Considering the cost of education today, and time wasted without focus; the return on investment for a Students Personal Assessment and Consultation is ($250) or an Occupational Assessment and Consultation ($295) is money well spent and will ultimately pay for itself quickly.  

Once your assessment is completed, you will meet with Jim Sullivan for a 2-3 hour consultation (in-person or online via GoToMeeting).

The Detailed Report is organized into (4) four major areas:

  1. Personality (identity)
  2. Vocational Interests
  3. Skills and Abilities and
  4. Personal Values

Each of these areas provide key insights into your unique personality makeup and provides the foundation metrics necessary to accurately develop career guidance recommendations. 

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Four Major Areas of the Detailed Report

Personality – The report begins with a Personality Section, in which you will find an analysis of your (6) six main personality factors and (16) sixteen personality sub-factors which identify your personal motivation and reactions to work related situations.

Personality factors include:

• Compliant | Dominant

• Introverted | Extroverted

• Detached | Compassionate

• Unstructured | Conscientious

• Cautious | Adventurous

• Conventional | Innovative

Vocational Interests – In this section you will receive a weighted ranking of your interest level in (36) thirty-six different work activity groups, (18) eighteen different school subjects, and (22) twenty-two different occupation groups. 

Skills and Abilities – This section ranks your natural skills in (14) areas and identifies your strongest skills and abilities. 

Values – This section ranks (3) three specific categories of your personal values. This section is geared to identified your Work Environment Values, Work Expectation Values, and overall Life Values. 

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