Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019
Upcoming Events: STRIVE Workshop 11/02/2019

Vision Resourcing Group (VRG) in Partnership with Vision International University (VIU) Present, "Financial BudgetCoach Training"

BudgetCoach Training is designed to teach YOU to become a BudgetCoach; so you can help others get their financial house in order.

What a BudgetCoach does... 
In summary, as a Financial BudgetCoach you will analyze your client’s situation and guide them in preparing  and achieving a practical well-balanced spending plan.

A BudgetCoach will...

  • Formulate proven strategies for your clients to reduce debt and increase savings, while becoming more generous.
  • Educate clients about dealing with creditors, improving FICO scores and preventing or resolving Identity Theft.
  • Provide tools to help clients track their finances.
  • Use Connecting to Your Finances, a digital  workbook (included in the cost of training to help guide each client to successfully complete their biblical financial strategies.  (see link below for sample copy)
  • Recommend career resources for college and the workplace.
  • Understand and explain biblical financial principles and related scriptures illustrating how to live the life of a faithful steward.
  • Develop and implement a prayer strategy for your clients.

Note: Before becoming a Financial BudgetCoach:

  • You should have a desire  or 'calling' to learn, teach, and apply Biblical financial principles in your life while assisting others.
  • Commit to coach at least (1) one client per quarter (4 months).

Download the "Become a Budget Coach Brochure" (PDF)

Overview: What's Included, Curriculum, Training Schedule...

Connecting To Your Finances (Sample Copy)

Core Training Resource

Once we receive your confirmed registration you will be sent a link to the complete version of  "Connecting to Your Finances (Digital) Workbook."  This is an excellent resource used as a foundation reference for this course, developed by our ministry partner Connect Financial Ministries.

How to Become a Financial BudgetCoach!

Step One - Prerequisite:  

Select and complete one of the following bible studies:

OR - As an alternative to the studies listed above: 

  • Read 3 chapters per week from the Compass “Your Money Counts” digital book; and submit a report to your instructor on what you've learned and how this could be applied to becoming a Financial BudgetCoach.  This activity can be done in parallel with the Financial BudgetCoach training.

Step Two - Prerequisite: 

Provide a signed copy of the Church Leadership Approval Form (CLAF). Please send the following link to your Church Pastor/Leader for approval:  (copy & paste into an email)


Step Three - Training Options:

Register for (1) one of (3) three Training Options by clicking on the Reserve Your Seat button (below), options are as follows:

(Click on the links to learn more about each option) 

Individual | Couples 

$175  -  $275

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